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A bowl of noodles from
a Chinese pastry artist

Go! Noodleman!


Chengxin Corporation dba Red Lantern

Chengxin Corporation dba Red Lantern is the central kitchen rectified by noodleman group during the covid-19 period to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of its restaurants, so as to realize the standard process of unified procurement, unified production and unified distribution of food. Chengxin Corporation has excellent chefs who are engaged in the innovation and research and development of dishes, providing a continuous supply of high-quality food for the restaurants under the group.

Chubby Boy Vegas LLC

Chubby Boy Vegas LLC is a restaurant that specializes in Cantonese cuisine and seafood. The specialties of the restaurant include roast duck, roast meat and other BBQ-based foods. Looking forward to your visit!

AnSheng Vegas LLC dba Noodleman2

AnSheng Vegas LLC dba Noodleman2 (The Noodleman) is the earliest restaurant in Las Vegas engaged in making Chinese noodles. In the past 6 years since its opening, we have been adhering to providing customers with authentic Chinese-style noodles. Now we not only supply all kinds of delicious noodles, but also roast duck, dumplings, buns, dim sum, beef patties and other products supplied by the central kitchen.

Honlik LLC dba DIM SUM Cafe

Honlik LLC dba DIM SUM Cafe is a dim sum specialty store launched by noodleman group. Provide morning tea and various snacks. After launch, it was well received by customers.

About Noodleman

Noodleman is a restaurant group that specializes in Asian flavors. It currently has three restaurant brands: Noodleman Ramen, Chubby Boy BBQ, and Dim Sum Café, along with a central kitchen. These brands offer Cantonese Seafood, Hong Kong dim sum, and hand-pulled noodles from northern China, respectively.